Making people's lives better

An overview of all the CSR-related things we do. They show how a concerted focus on CSR benefit both the company and the communities in which we operate. We believe deeply in this potential of shared value for all our stakeholders, whether they are employees, suppliers, clients, governments, shareholders, partners, local communities, or society as a whole.

We pay taxes, contributing to society

Taxes paid amounted to EUR 36.6 million: Income taxes (12.4 mio, +1% vs LY), employer social security contributions (19.7 mio +9% vs LY), holding of fixed assets 3.1 mio, on dividends 631.8 K, on commercial vehicles 32.0 K and other taxes 819.9 K.

R&D investments

We invest more than 10 million euro in R&D on a yearly basis. Innovation is of major importance, as we ‘Protect through Innovation’. Thanks to having our own in-house testing laboratory, we can efficiently test our products.

R&D with a vision

At Sioen, we invest in R&D with a vision. First of all, we confirm our technical leadership. Further, we grow sustainably and third, we tackle the contemporary social challenges.

R&D in society

We put extra R&D efforts in sustainability issues such as increasing heat in cities, the growing population, the need for food and protection, etc. We take part in EU projects such as the Cool Towns project that aims to reduce heat stress.

Ultra modern offices HQ

We support our innovative character by constantly investing to keep our offices modern and contemporary. Additionally, the latest and highest performing tools and software are used to provide our employees with a pleasant workplace.

State-of-the art machines

Investments in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants are key for sustainable production.


In the Sioen direct coating, all incoming and outgoing calls there will happen via Teams. Easy for home office and take over lines from colleagues. We are convinced that this is a step forward in improving customer service and sustainability.