Sioen develops anti-graffiti lacquer for a sustainable society

With this innovative product, we act upon the call of the UN in SDG 11: “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.” Our Sioen lacquer protects against graffiti.

Anti-graffiti lacquer for safe and sustainable cities

Sioen invests in innovation and develops products that comply with its corporate slogan “protection through innovation”. The dirt-repellent and anti-graffiti lacquer can be applied on buildings and trailers, among others. Graffiti and tags can be wiped off with one simple movement. The Sioen anti-graffiti lacquer prevents taggers from vandalising public and private properties, costing billions every year. Our solution is a clear coat that can be sprayed on top of the existing paint or surface.

Graffiti, a huge cost

Cleaning graffiti off buildings, statues, trailers, tents and other surfaces costs billions of euros/ dollars annually. Many cities have started anti-graffiti programs but vandalism is still a major problem. We have succeeded in developing a coating to prevent taggers from vandalising public and private properties. It is a clear coat sprayed on top of the existing paint or surface.

Annual graffiti cleaning costs (some examples):

  • Germany - over US$ 700 million
  • London - US$ 200 million
  • UK - US$ 1.5 billion
  • Los Angeles - US$ 140 million

Anti-graffiti & dirt-repellent lacquer

Sioen’s dirt-repellent lacquer and Sioen’s anti-graffiti lacquer are based on an advanced polymer technology. The active substance in both formulations is a tailor-made graft-type acrylate copolymer with excellent surface properties. Both lacquers are two-component systems that can easily be formulated to their final application forms, being sprayable, solvent-borne, cross-linkable, topcoat materials with excellent dirt-repellent or anti-graffiti properties on PVC substrates.

With this protective layer, you can remove the graffiti with a simple hand movement. The graffiti disappear as if nothing had ever happened. We sell these products per 10 kg, for spraying, for example on a fully-produced side curtain.