First sustainable chainsaw trousers for landscaping professionals: Blue Rhino

Our SIP Protection customers are surrounded with nature on a daily basis. Together we have to protect it. Our contribution consists of sustainable production combined with maximised innovation efforts to manufacture sustainable products. Our end target is eventually producing fully circular garments. Blue Rhino is a first result.

Blue Rhino trousers 100% circular

The Blue Rhino trousers are the prototype result of our Circularity Workgroups that have as ultimate goal, among others, to produce 100% circular garments. Blue Rhino is the first 100% recyclable and circular chainsaw trousers on the market. All elements of the garment were taken into account: the fabric, buttons, cords, stitching yarn, embroideries, hang tags, labels, packaging, and where and how it’s produced. We’re very proud of the result!

R&D in function of circularity

After a period of intensive research, we’ve launched a next generation of safety trousers, protecting the wearer against chainsaws.

Not only will the "Blue Rhino” comply with the EN 381 standard, it will also be a very comfortable and circular garment, equipped with a material passport. The Blue Rhino is the first 100% circular safety trousers for chainsaw users on the market.

The efforts of our R&D team went beyond recycling. We searched on every level from design over base material and production, to packaging, distribution, maintenance and recycling in order to come to this première: a 100% circular protective garment.

Designed for recycling

We’ve designed the garment entirely for recycling. Here’s what we did:

  • Using a 100% recycled polyester base fabric, both for the liner as for the outside fabric
  • The trousers are made in 2 instead of 3 colours (which implies less fabric, less coloration)
  • No use of elastane to avoid any blend of fabrics for easier recycling
  • All sowing/stitching yarns are made of recycled polyester
  • We did not use any zippers but buttons, made of … indeed: 100% recycled polyester
  • No labels – all info is printed with eco-inks directly on the fabric – saves a lot of fabric, paper, cardboard and plastic connectors
  • Packaged in a bag, printed in one colour with eco ink
  • Embroideries in recycled polyester yarns
  • We produce nearby, in order to reduce transport distances and thus limit the carbon footprint of freight
  • The garment is EN381 certified
  • As the garment in its totality is made of recycled polyester and polyester, it can entirely and easily be recycled.
  • Once recycled, the garment becomes 100% recycled polyester and can be entered into the production process again.


The hurdles were not only technical as you can read above, we’ve even encountered psychological boundaries.

Although there’s an oral enthusiasm by everybody we’ve interviewed before we started the innovative design, the road to market it remains bumpy.

Customers were quickly convinced of all the sustainable pros of the garment. Even the level of protection, as it’s certified by an official standard, was fully accepted. They were more hesitant though to accept a slight decrease in fit and comfort.

We accept our informing and advocacy role and acknowledge that there’s still a huge mountain of work ahead of us but we’re willing to climb.

SIP Protection

Our brand SIP Protection produces forestry clothing and chainsaw protection, carefully designed for and tested by wearers in the field. Our garments are engineered, manufactured, worn and approved by experts for experts. Every chainsaw user will find the right garment according to his/her needs in our vast range of standard garments.

Together with our customers, we consider it our obligation to protect the land and the forests they’re daily working in. Our contribution consists of sustainable production. We maximise our innovation efforts with as end target eventually producing fully circular garments. In addition, we’re supporting and executing plenty of actions that contribute to engaging and effective Corporate Social Responsibility.