Sioen fabrics and garments enable the production of renewable energy

By producing fabrics and garments to build installations that produce renewable energy, we directly contribute to all the goals that can be found in SDG 7.

Sioen makes fabrics and garments for the production of renewable energy

Sioen is producing technical textiles for biogas container liners and covers, for the cultivation of seaweed and for windmills.

We also manufacture protective clothing for those working in and around wind power stations, biogas plants and for people who are working with electricity in general.

  1. Fabrics for ventilation hoses windmills for air cooling – Sioline
  2. Reinforcement fabrics for the sails of the windmills – James Dewhurst
  3. Protective fabrics for reusable packaging – Sioline
  4. Fabrics for rectifiers inside the windmill – Sioline
  5. Technical textiles for biogas installations - liners – Sioline
  6. Technical textiles for biogas installations – covers – Sioline
  7. Geotextiles for offshore islands – Manifattura Fontana
  8. Heavy duty reinforcement scrims to anchor cables – Veranneman
  9. Reinforcement scrims for adhesive tape – James Dewhurst
  10. Fabrics for algae growing (used as biomass for biogas installations and for biofuel) – Sioen
  11. Flame retardant and antistatic clothing that protects the wearer against electric arcs – PPC
  12. Offshore protective clothing – MullionUrsuit