Leading the Way with EPD-Certified Products

EPDs are an invaluable tool to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and transparency in our operations.

Sioen Releases Third-Party Verified LCA Results on Tensile Architecture Product Range via EPD

Sioen publishes Environmental Product Declarations. These are third party verified LCA results on a product or product range, following international standards. The calculation includes 15+ impact indicators, including the Global Warming Potential (GWP), commonly known as the carbon footprint.

Derived from an LCA

If you're looking for a reliable way to share sensitive product information, an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is an excellent solution that eliminates any worries. It's derived from an LCA report and includes a summarized version of the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) results, a proper product description, and the assumptions and calculation rules used for the study. But, the key difference lies in the fact that an EPD doesn't contain any sensitive product data, such as a bill-of-material or detailed production process information.

Comparing EPDs

As a business, it’s important to remember that EPDs from different examiners may not be comparable, so care should be taken when comparing them side-by-side. In the assessment of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and comparison between products, it is essential to use the right databases. There is a wide range of databases available with data for all raw materials, which come into play when a supplier cannot provide an EPD. However, this variety of databases can lead to slight variations in the end result.

To ensure fair comparison between similar producers and to avoid discrepancies, it is important to use up-to-date databases and to always specify the database used on the EPD. Differences may be small, but they can still make comparison between products difficult.

With Sioen, you can trust that you’re getting the most accurate, professional analysis for your product’s environmental performance.

Continuous improvements

Through calculating LCAs, we gain valuable insights into our products' environmental impact and identify factors that influence it, such as material selection and power sources. With this information, we can make smarter investments for the future, improve design decisions, optimize supply-chain operations, and set strategic targets. At Sioen, we continuously improve the durability of our products by making energy improvements, reorganizing waste flows, investing in end-of-life recycling, investigating offsetting, and developing alternative raw materials.