Sioen is member of EBA

Sioen is proud to be a member of EBA Biogas Association, a European association for the promotion of whole green energy gas industry and sustainable gas production across Europe.

Sioen is member of the European Biogas Association

EBA counts today more than 300 members and continues to grow as an important part of the European energy landscape with its dedicated approach towards promoting renewable energy. With Sioen's involvement, EBA will continue its mission to build a strong chain across Europe that offers economic and environmental benefits while contributing towards sustainable development.

Economic and environmental benefits

Biogas plants generate renewable fuels as a valuable addition to the European energy mix and helps combat climate change. By linking together agricultural associations, industrial companies, research centres, and farmers they are able to create anaerobic digestion processes that transform organic waste into biomethane. Sioen is proud to be part of this initiative and believes that it will be a great benefit for all those involved.

Sioen’s ambition

As a member of EBA Biogas Association, Sioen hopes to bring greater awareness about biogas production and its positive environmental impacts. This will help promote the use of renewable energies in Europe and beyond while also helping farmers increase their profits by providing them with additional income from selling biomethane produced from their waste materials. Sioen's involvement in EBA is sure to be a valuable addition for everyone involved!

As a leading European producer of Technical textiles, and more specific fabrics for liners and covers for biogas installations, we’re are well-versed in the industry. Sioen is one of the largest producers of that type of fabrics and is actively involved in solutions for developing renewable energy. Our fabrics are also to be found in windmills a.o.. With our experience and expertise in renewable energy in general and in particular in biogas, we are an ideal fit for EBA's mission of promoting quality biomethane pipeline injection into European networks. It’s also among Sioen’s ambitions that quality biomethane standards are met across Europe, and thus being a reliable source of organic waste conversion energy.

EBA helps us partner with other players

As a member of the European Biogas Association (EBA), Sioen will help promote biogas production and its potential as a natural gas substitute. Our expertise in the field, combined with other EU companies with extensive knowledge of hydrogen infrastructure, gives us the perfect platform to explore realistic overall potential for biomethane production.

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