Sioen Powers Rapid Response Cells to Ensure Reliable Access to Critical Medical and Protective Equipment in Times of Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for reliable, rapid access to critical medical and protective equipment, products and services. Sioen is proud to be part of the EU's Reservist project, providing a unique solution to the challenge of repurposing manufacturing lines to meet times of spiking demand.

EU Reservist project

By leveraging existing manufacturing lines at commercial companies, the project aims to ensure Europeans have the safety and security of knowing that medical and protective equipment is readily available. We are confident that our partnership with the EU's Reservist project will help ensure that Europe is protected from future crises of this scale.

Ready to Respond: Establishing "Reservist Cells" for Rapid Crisis Response.

A 'Reservist cell' is set up that can be activated within 48 hours in times of crisis to produce the necessary products and services. This concept draws from military and humanitarian relief efforts, where 'rapid response teams' are constantly on stand-by.
Sioen is part of the Reservist network, a wide group of actors (companies, RTDs, enablers, end-users) linked to providing medical equipment. In the event of an emergency, the core partners will use the 'call-to-action' to quickly check the network and build an operational cell that meets the specific need and the availability of actors.

Unlocking Manufacturing Lines to Produce Essential Medical Equipment in 48 Hours

In order to realize this concept, we will work on three levels: network level, connected manufacturing/digital manufacturing level, and technical level. The technical level includes tweaking manufacturing lines, developing necessary materials and establishing links with testing/certification.
We will then demonstrate the repurposing of 5 existing manufacturing lines within 48 hours to manufacture textile protective and medical equipment, products and services such as surgical and respiratory face masks, medical aprons, and respiratory ventilators (invasive and non-invasive) which comply with the necessary testing and certification, and the embedment of the reservist cells at the partners in the network.
Furthermore, blueprints will be developed to allow for further take-up of the concept and replication in other sectors. Within the project, two replication demos will be developed: 'disinfection equipment' and 'emergency medical equipment'. Lastly, to support the Cells, the RESERV will be implemented.

The Role of Sioen

The 11 Industry partners play a key role in the Reservist project, acting as executors of the blueprints developed for replication of the concept to other sectors. The project will develop two replication demos: ‘disinfection equipment’ and ‘emergency medical equipment’.
Sioen is proud to be one of the 11 Industry Partners of the Reservist Project. As a global market leader in technical textiles and technical apparel, we’re deeply committed to protecting people and their belongings.
Our diverse range of materials for protection includes both fabrics and finished products. We produce for instance nonwovens for face mask filters and body bags, as well as coated textiles for aprons. We also provide welding and cutting, composites, financing, services and targeted training.
We take our responsibility to provide reliable, professional solutions for personal protective equipment very seriously. Our commitment is to quality and safety, and our mission is to protect people and their belongings.

More Information about Sioen’s role in the Reservist Project? Contact Bert Groenendaal +32 51 740 900 or