Ursuit, quality created by handcraft

Because our Ursuit drysuits are almost entirely handmade, dignified work is created and we control the production. By doing so, we contribute to SDGs 8 and 12.

Finished to perfection

Drysuits for above the surface use and diving drysuits from Sioen's brand 'Ursuit' consists mainly of handwork. Each stage in the production of a garment involves craftsmanship. This ensures that each garment is finished to perfection and that the quality speaks for itself. Not only production is the main focus of Ursuit, but also quality control and the service one receives after buying a garment.

Handmade Ursuit suits

All of the Ursuit drysuits are handmade and therefore they can easily be tailored according to customer needs and wishes. A standard model can easily be customised with different kinds of pockets, MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment)-system, relief zippers, etc. The production time for one suit is between 6 and 10 hours. However, because of the waiting time between different phases, for example for drying the glue and the drying of the suits, the production of a suit takes between 3 and 4 days.

Production phases

The different production phases of an Ursuit drysuit are:

  1. Design : In the design phase, we start by making a sketch and we choose a pattern that fits the customers' demands.
  2. Cutting : In the cutting phase the fabrics are being cut by an automated cutting machine. This leaves less room for human errors.
  3. Sewing : Ursuit uses the term 'production per piece', which means that one person makes one complete suit.
  4. Waterproofing : The fourth stage is waterproofing. We do this by applying seam tape to the drysuits. We have a special tape machine for this.
  5. Sealing : We close the gaps around the sleeves, neck and other cavities.
  6. Zipper : In this phase, we add a zipper to the suit, as the suit must still remain waterproof.
  7. Defining ends : We add waterproof boots or gloves to the suit.
  8. Valves : At this stage, we add an inlet/outlet valve to the suit that lets air in/out of the suit, allowing the users to dive and ascend in the water.
  9. Leak test : In the leak test, we mix soap and water and apply it to the suit, then pump the suit full of air and where bubbles appear there is a leak.
  10. Visual inspection : During the visual inspection, we check whether all the elements are visually correct. We check whether the waterproof boots are facing the right direction, etc.

Life expectancy

The durability of a suit depends mainly on how it is used and cared for. A suit that is only used for a hobby and that is well looked after is expected to last up to 20 years. Compare this with a suit intended for professional use (daily use), the life expectancy of such a suit is between 4 and 5 years.
In case service is needed, you can rely upon our repair service A different team from the production department takes care of the suit and carries out tests to see where possible problems occur and what repairs need to be done.