Bei Sioen ist die soziale Verantwortung des Unternehmens - alle Maßnahmen, die wir ergreifen, um einen positiven Einfluss auf die Welt zu haben - eine Quelle der Innovation, des Wettbewerbsvorteils und der Wertschöpfung für alle Beteiligten. Wir berichten folglich über KPIs, die in 5 Berichtssäulen festgelegt sind.

ESG-Berichterstattung bei Sioen

Die ESG-Berichterstattung ist für Sioen sehr wichtig. In den vergangenen Jahren konnten Sie diese Art von Informationen in unserem Jahresbericht und in unserem CSR-Manifest finden. Da wir nicht mehr börsennotiert sind, veröffentlichen wir nun einen eigenen ESG-Bericht, der Informationen zu Umwelt-, Sozial- und Governance-Themen enthält.


We have chosen a reporting approach from different angles, organising all sustainability efforts in 5 main pillars


There is, of course, the bigger picture and the fact that we want to operate as good citizens, taking into consideration our stakeholders’ requirements. However, in addition to the altruistic value, there are a myriad of benefits for us as a company. Reporting and, especially, acting upon sustainability reinforces our public image, boosts our retainment and recruitment, makes us also detect economic opportunities, helps us win more public offerings and potentially lowers our loan interest rate.


There are so many different reporting standards available today, that it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. We are basing our ESG report on 7 standards and guidelines. We are using the triple bottom line and the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as a guidance in our operations, our decision-making, and priority setting. Our actions are translated into certificates, audits, memberships, as well as awards.


We strongly believe in the saying “Your focus determines your reality.” We are changing all the time, from the way we use resources and manage waste, to the way we meet and travel. That is why we have chosen some challenges that get extra attention. We have set a sense of urgency to deal with this selected set of sustainability topics.

You can download the full ESG report in the download section below.