Sioen is qualified supplier on Achilles UVDB

Sioen is fully qualified as a supplier on Achilles UVDB which means we try to reduce risks and try to maintain superb industry standards.

Reducing risks in the supply chain

Sioen is fully qualified as a supplier on Achilles UVDB which means we try to reduce risks and try to maintain superb industry standards.


Achilles was established in Norway in 1990 with the objective of assisting associations with distinguishing, evaluate, qualify, and screen providers all through the production network with a point of decreasing working expenses. The essential idea of 'by the business for the business' implied that the data gathered could be imparted to others with comparable business interests to build up business ties and set aside time and money.

The need for an Achilles certification

As supply chains become more globalised, buyers and suppliers need in depth risk assessment. It provides a wide ranging and detailed examination of compliance and improvement across all areas of a business, designed to provide assurance to large organisations when buying goods and services.
It allows companies to assess and select the most trustworthy companies, you are assured a high level of quality that is not possible elsewhere.


The Utilities Vendor Database is a certification service that allows utilities to establish partnerships and collaborations with established utilities in the industry. It ensures compliance with industry standards and reduces risk in the supply chain.

Achilles UVDB Verify provides your company with:

  • A comprehensive annual audit process with practical guidance and feedback from an Achilles auditor
  • A demonstration of your capabilities to key clients within the sector
  • Credibility and recognition in the market place
  • A programme designed by the industry for the industry supporting continual improvement.

Benefits of certification :

JVR Consultancy describes the benefits as following :

  • Improved chances of winning tenders
  • Increased trust from organisations within your industry
  • Improved reputation throughout your sector
  • Access to a variety of organisations for tender bidding
  • Reduced costs

The process

According to JVR Consultancy , the Achilles Certification process involves an assessment of several performance factors within your business. These are:

  • Health and safety
  • Environment
  • Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility

“It is a process spread over 2 days that involves a management system evaluation and an assessment onsite. During this two-day event, an auditor will ensure that the correct systems and protocols are available in order to review them. On the second day of the interaction, frameworks are checked to guarantee the appropriate measures are executed across the board. ”