Certificates, memberships and awards

We walk the talk and that’s reflected in memberships, certificates and awards. They are the best way to prove to our stakeholders that we do what we say we do.

Continuous improvement

Getting certified by external organisations and being member of associations that contribute to a sustainable society makes sense. It gives us direction and helps us making a roadmap, monitoring progress, setting sustainability targets and innovating for improvement in the fields of corporate social responsibility.

In our DNA

Historically, Sioen has been at the cradle of many safety norms and standards for professional Protective Clothing and technical textiles. For more than a century, long before things were formalised, we’ve been producing protective garments and technical textiles.

Norms and standards, translated in certificates are our daily business, so to speak. It comes as no surprise that in the pursuit of sustainability we’re betting on norms and standards and on memberships of associations that can really make the difference.


  • Certifications, memberships and awards can help prove our sustainable practices and offer assurance to you stakeholders that we are doing what we say we do. Certifications are not the only way, but they are the most reliable way to prevent greenwashing.

  • Certifications also serve as internal roadmaps with guidelines to understand where we’re currently at in terms of sustainability and responsibility, and to detect how and where we can improve.

  • Memberships inform us, sometimes help us with tooling, provide training and also entail formal engagements such as subscribing ethical codes.

  • Through memberships and certificates we also build trust with all our stakeholders and increase stakeholder engagement.