Landscaping towards biodiversity

More biodiversity @ our Sioen HQ

Following our participation in the Green Deal Biodiversity of the Flemish government, our Sioen HQ in Ardooie, has been transformed in favour of biodiversity.

We have always been working on a green environment around our Sioen headquarters in Ardooie. However, ever since we signed the Green Deal, we focus more on biodiversity.

Landscaping of our HQ

The locations we already tackled are the main entrance of our coating plant, the pond area and the square.

The changes we made include:

  • choosing native, adaptive plants that attract birds and insects;
  • transplanting trees;
  • opting for a green wall effect by pruning the shrubs less.

Creating added value

First of all, the added value of this landscaping project is compliance with the Green Deal on biodiversity. In addition, the trees cool down the offices in summer and the maintenance of the garden has been reduced.

Future landscaping plans

As part of the Green Deal, we are planning to redesign the car park at the front of our Apparel plant.