Exhausting hot air from compressors as part of Energy plan Mouscron production site

Exhausting hot air from the compressor room at our Spinning mill, directly answers the appeal of the UN set in goals 7, 12 and 9.

Evacuation system above compressor room

Installing a home engineered evacuation system above the compressor room, prevents this room from overheating. The heat is evacuated outside or to the weaving mill, depending on the needs.

Hot air evacuation system in compressor room of Spinning mill

A dryer is installed in the compressor room of the spinning unit. The hot air from the dryer is discharged in this room and causes overheating. This reduces the efficiency of the compressor because, against all expectations, it is sucked into the overheated room.

In the room, above the compressors, a home engineered evacuation system has been added in order to evacuate this heat either outside or to the weaving mill (depending on the needs).


Electricity 6 000 kWh energy savings
Emissions 3 013 kgCO₂ reductions
Investments 2 000 EUR