Sioen donates generator

Sioen is sending a generator to its customer in Ukraine today. Its customer there, Membrana, makes tarpaulins and tents that are vital in times of war.

Sioen donates generator to its Ukrainian customer

But the ongoing war and missile attacks on Ukraine leave workers without electricity and heating, often forcing production to stop for several days. For institutions in urgent need of tents, this is a major disaster.

Spurred on by Jan Mortier, commercial director at Sioen, Sioen bought a generator to help them out of the emergency. Jan was the first to start cooperation with Membrana 25 years ago. A distribution company that also has its own production of tents. The company is close to his heart and, as is the custom at Sioen, the customer is more than just another number. Over the years, a close relationship, indeed friendship, grew.

A Ukrainian driver collected the generator from us in Ardooie and is driving it back to Kiev. "Hopefully the generator will reach the customer in excellent condition and won't get stuck somewhere else along the way. But in principle it shouldn't, I think all help is welcome for the residents" said Jan. The generator should allow production to continue working at full power without long electricity interruptions, and also provide the necessary lighting and heating in the production hall.