Making people's lives better

An overview of all the CSR-related things we do. They show how a concerted focus on CSR benefit both the company and the communities in which we operate. We believe deeply in this potential of shared value for all our stakeholders, whether they are employees, suppliers, clients, governments, shareholders, partners, local communities, or society as a whole.


Sioen, OVO and Rikolto are committed to sustainable coffee cultivation in Sumatra. The big winners: 1 400 local coffee farmers and the rainforest.

Changing habits of travel

Sioen employees are changing their travelling, working and communications behaviour.

Ardooie Urban Run

We sponsor the annual Ardooie (town of our HQ) Urban Run for the charity event "Stand up against Cancer". That day, people are running through our plant.

Green rest zones

We try to enjoy our outdoors facilities as much as possible. The green zones at our sites are perfect to relax during a lunch break, for example. In addition, they are a safe haven for plants, insects and birds.