We’re fundamentally changing our travelling, working and communications behaviour

Innovation and digitalisation are of major importance to us. They influence our business travel habits substantially. With our efforts we strive to help realising the UNs SDGs 12 and 13.

Digitalisation impacts business travel habits

Digital transformation has a profound impact, entirely changing the way we live and do business. Agreed, Covid-19 accelerated the change and led to teleworking, digitalisation of our meetings, less printing and less travelling. In addition, we are continuing to launch new websites, digital fairs, organise events and webinars.

A new era of communications

The pandemic has been a motivational motor to digitalise projects, both internal and external. At Sioen, we had already started using Microsoft Teams before the pandemic, but the high utilisation rates were made possible through teleworking. Due to the travel restrictions and teleworking regulations, many meetings have been changed to Teams meetings. In addition, numerous projects are now managed in Teams and are thus centralised. We are working more efficiently and meetings have become less time-consuming.

Innovation is our main asset. We strongly believe that digitalisation of our company is also part of innovation. We used to have many printed brochures, catalogues and data sheets. We have, however, switched to printing less, as our clients are increasingly focussing on digital information too. We are therefore putting a lot of effort in content and scoring websites that include all necessary information.

Another important part of our external communications is the fairs we participate in. Many fairs are cancelled due to travel restrictions and as we aren’t allowed to attend mass events during the pandemic. We are looking forward to showing our products again at the large number of fairs we normally attend, but at the moment we aim to offer digital alternatives. Other events, such as the international sales meeting, have been digitalised by using dedicated platforms.

Limited travelling

The travel restrictions and social distancing measures have changed our travelling behaviour. Our sales managers are now barely flying or driving to clients and many meetings aren’t held in person, but in Teams. Those adaptations are significantly reducing our ecological footprint, and we believe that we can keep up the good work in the future too.

Of course, we’ll be travelling to our customers, inviting them to our HQ and production plants from the moment that it’s safe again, but conference calls are here to stay.


By changing our communications process and our working and travel habits, we help realising SDGs 12 and 13. The former points out that we should “ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”. The latter states that we should “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”.