Feel the Passioen

We hope you feel our passioen for people, products and planet when interacting with us. Passioen that is top quality products, made by our company enthusiasts, according to sustainable business principles, that comply with all your requirements.


A contraction of the word “passion” and of the company “Sioen.” Passioen is the feeling of intense enthusiasm you sense at all Sioen collaborators, the joy when using our products, the excitement regarding our sustainability approach, our compelling desire to play a major part in everyone’s life.

You’re better protected

Our yarns, fibres, technical textiles, garments, and colouring solutions are found in the industry, civil engineering, construction, agriculture
and forestry, sports, and leisure, maritime, transportation, fire protection, security and automotive sectors. The short answer to where to find us is: anytime, anywhere. Look around and you will see Sioen, sometimes strikingly visible, sometimes hidden behind the scenes.

A lot of choice

single company can bring a sustainable change. Have you ever wondered what a group of companies could do? The Sioen Group exists of different companies and brands, each with their own products, yet all of them are committed to developing sustainable products, production processes and to keep on innovating sustainably.

Enjoy top quality

Sioen develops, produces, and distributes a wide variety of products within the world of technical textiles: yarns, fibres, colouring solutions, wovens and nonwovens, coated fabrics, and protective clothing. Technical superiority is what binds us. With continuous investments in state-of-the-art machinery, innovation, and talent, we lift our products to new heights.

It's in our blood

Inspired by the weaving activities of his father, Jean-Jacques Sioen started a business in technical textiles in 1960. Over the following decades, he and his wife Jacqueline Sioen crafted a remarkable success story. Sioen gradually grew into a highly diversified industrial group with activities in all corners of the world. Today, their daughters Michèle, Pascale, and Danielle Sioen are the driving force.

Passioen for sustainability

We are aware of our social, environmental, and economic responsibilities in society. Therefore, ESG is an integral part of our company strategy. This report gives an overview of who we are, what our approach is towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/ Environment, Social & Governance (ESG), and provides several example actions. This list, however, is inexhaustive.

Business on a mission

Since our very existence, protection and innovation have been part of our companies’ vision, mission, and strategy. This includes creating employment, generating innovation, paying taxes, creating wealth, empowering local communities, and any other economic impact. Although we are a large company, we are imbued with our family values, led by example by family.

In our strategy

Our corporate strategy is based on solid pillars that help us fulfill our purpose ‘Protection through Innovation’. Our strategy is our guiding compass when managing resources, risk and return. It helps us realise our goals of being market leader in selected sectors of the technical textiles, colouring solutions and professional clothing.

We walk the talk

We walk the talk and that’s reflected in memberships, certificates and awards. They are the best way to prove to our stakeholders that we do what we say we do. We’re very proud on the fact that we were one of the first companies in our sector to implement the STeP and the ISO 14001 certification.

You're our passioen

You cannot bring change on your own. Only by working together with other organisations and, of course, by considering the values, concerns, and expectations of our stakeholders, we can develop innovative products, and manufacture and produce them more sustainably. For and with you.

Passioened people

We want to be a second home for all talents. Differences are embraced and we promote our typical innovation culture. We regularly open our doors to young people and students, so that they too can experience an environment in which family values and economical ambitions go hand in hand. This includes an inclusive HR policy.