Our Sioen firefighter garments are ASQUAL SCF certified

Our technical textiles for geotextiles and fire fighters clothing have Asqual certification. Asqual certifications are recognised in France. Asqual is the abbreviation Association Qualité, or the Association for the Promotion of Quality.

Asqual certification for textiles & firefighter clothing

The Asqual SCF («Sécurité Civile Française» A Frech civil safety certification) for Sioen Firefighter garments and the Asqual Geomembranes certification for our geomebranes are a quality ensurence for our clients in France.


The label has become a privileged partner in the conformity assessment of textile professionals in the sectors of :

  • construction/civil engineering (geosynthetics and technical building textiles);
  • personal protection;
  • medical devices;
  • and (firefighter) clothing.

Certification is a guarantee of trust

Throughout the various product life-cycle stages (design, manufacture, distribution, use and final disposal), a garment has an environmental and economic impact. Among the most frequently encountered concerns is simply whether the product is indeed what it appears to be. These concerns may relate to properties and characteristics of the product or service.

Product or service certification is the means by which a third party provides assurance that a product or service conforms to specifications (certification criteria or requirements), often normative, described in a certification standard. Addressing these concerns through product certification serves a dual purpose: users and consumers can make better decisions about products on the market; by demonstrating compliance, suppliers can more effectively gain market acceptance.

Products with high technical added value

Sioen produces textiles and garments with a high technical added value such as geotextiles and firefighter clothing. As you can see on our certification overview, we're translating our search for quality in certificates. Our customers in France require Asqual certification that ensure them (and the end user) exactly of that. Asqual, covers the referencing of raw materials up to product identification and ensures excellence throughout the entire supply chain.

Certification for our geomembranes

The Asqual geomebranes certification is awarded to geomembranes with a functional thickness of at least 1.00 mm (1.50 mm for HDPE) and a width of at least 1.50 m and concerns geomembranes that meet the definitions of the families present in the certification reference system. This certification is a voluntary process including:

  • measurement of the technical characteristics of the products (thickness, static puncture, traction, dynamic perforation) and measurement of the physical-chemical characteristics and weldability of the geomembrane
  • control of reproducibility and internal monitoring of technical characteristics
  • quality organisation and statistical monitoring of technical characteristics

This certification guarantees that the nominal values announced are within the relative ranges of variation imposed by the standard and that the geomembrane complies with the requirements specific to its family. It does not guarantee the suitability of the certified product to the technical constraints of the project. It is up to the designer to fully assume his mission and to determine the performance required for the application in question, which may justify the use of specific products.

Safety certification for firefighter clothing

The SCF label is awarded after demonstrating that the protective clothing for firefighters meets the requirements of the associated clausiers, which are available on the website of the French Ministry of the Interior.

Each product bearing the standard logo of the label has been subject to the following checks:

  • Assessment of compliance with the criteria of the technical specifications for firefighter clothing and equipment;
  • Audit of the homogeneity and traceability of the production and controls carried out on the product as well as verification of the manufacturer's ability to provide the services associated with the overall cost of acquiring labelled products;
  • Verification of the accreditation of the tests carried out to demonstrate compliance with the criteria.