Sioen is member of CTIF, the International association of fire and rescue services

Membership of Ctif confirms our commitment towards society. We’re acting upon the goals set SDGs 9, 11, 16 and 17 and help build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Safer citizens through skilled firefighters

Sioen is an associate member of CTIF, the International association of fire and rescue services. This association originated in France more than 110 years ago and welcomes professionals and volunteers from around the world. CTIF encourages and promotes co-operation among firefighters and other experts in Fire & Rescue throughout the world.

The Mission of CTIF is to better understand and continuously improve the working conditions for firefighters through ongoing dialogue, analysis and sharing of Lessons Learned from incidents, accidents and fires.

For Sioen, direct contact and interaction with the firefighters who are in the field, has always been very important. Through CTIF, active in countries around the world, we will listen and further develop garments according to the wearers’ wishes.

Most of the active work within CTIF is carried out in Commissions & Working Groups, consisting of members dedicated to a particular area of interest within Fire & Rescue. There are 12 Commissions, and 3 working Groups, each governed by a Head of Commission and a Commission Secretary.

An active role

Sioen is actively collaborating in 2 working groups: the forest fire fighters and the hazardous material, where we will exchange know how on contamination of PPE (Professional Protective Equipment). With over 110 years of textile experience, an in house testing lab and more than 170 people working in research and development, Sioen has built a huge knowledge bank that can be valuable for all firefighters.

The association publishes world statistics in its annual reports which offer data on fire issues from 80 different countries and 90 capital cities.

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