Equal opportunities

The numbers and facts speak for themselves. For example, women represent more than 60% of our workforce. In addition, every morning we welcome dozens of nationalities and people of all world religions to our companies. We're acting upon the SDGs 5 and 10.

Equal opportunities for all

At Sioen, we believe that everyone should have the same opportunities. We stimulate diversity, treating everybody as equal, regardless of their skin colour, religion, their sex, age, … These equal opportunities are applied, for example, in the search for new Sioen talents (employees).

Beyond our own company

We go beyond the search for our own Sioen talents. We look for suppliers that offer the same equal opportunities to their workforce. We aim to provide work opportunities to all people equally. For creating sample cards, for example, we often appeal to social enterprises (UK), also called sheltered workshops or work centers (US). Those institutions employ individuals who are developmentally, physically, or mentally impaired.


Sioen is an inclusive company that ensures women’s full and effective participation inside the company and that aims to empower all women and to achieve gender equality. As mentioned before, Sioen is family-owned. The three sisters, Michele, Danielle and Pascale manage the company with a great vision and strategy. Moreover, over 60% of all Sioen employees are female.

Products: PPE for women

Gender equality also applies to our products. We produce PPE that is especially designed for women. Sioen has a history for inclusiveness. Mme Sioen, one of our founders, has empowered women throughout her career. While Mr Sioen developed and produced innovative fabrics, Mme Sioen manufactured professional protective clothing. Mme Sioen, for example, pushed our teams to create professional protective clothing for women ever since the beginning of our company.

A good fit is of major importance to comply with the needed protection level for a certain task. No matter whether it comes to waterproofness, flame-retardancy or multi-norm clothing, wearing an ill-fitted piece of clothing will protect you less. The right size is, of course, very important, but the garments should also be adapted to your physiognomy. It goes without saying that we have to keep in mind the differences between a man’s and a woman’s body. That’s why we started developing garments that are especially designed for women.

supporting women in general

Sioen supports women around the world. We contribute financially to actions that empower women, such as SOS faim.