PPE especially designed for women

Sioen is an inclusive company that ensures women’s full and effective participation inside the company and that aims to empower all women and to achieve gender equality as stated in SDG 5. At Sioen, we consider it a right to get the opportunity to wear clothing that is especially designed for women.

Protective work garments fit for women

Throughout the years, we have always met the needs of our customer. The products we produce are adapted to the working conditions, to the level of protection needed and to the person who will be wearing the clothing. Our Sioen PPC brand for professional protective clothing also contains a range of garments that are especially designed for women.

Even though the workforce is predominantly male in fields such as construction, energy, (petro)chemistry and in the steel industry, more and more women start working in those sectors. We aim to have adequate garments for anyone, regardless of gender. That is why we have developed garments that are especially adapted to the female physiognomy.

A history of inclusiveness

Mme Sioen, one of our founders, has empowered women throughout her career. While Mr Sioen developed and produced innovative fabrics, Mme Sioen manufactured professional protective clothing. This synergy combined with a thorough idea of inclusiveness, made us a world player in the production of textile solutions for everyone who needs protection at their jobs.

Any specific wishes or quality requirements we receive by our clients are analysed by our Research and Development team. Off course, not all our innovations are initiated by our clients. Mme Sioen, for example, pushed our teams to create professional protective clothing for women ever since the beginning of our company.

PPE for women

A good fit is of major importance to comply with the needed protection level for a certain task. No matter whether it comes to waterproofness, flame-retardancy or multi-norm clothing, wearing an ill-fitted piece of clothing will protect you less well. The right size is, of course, very important, but the garments should also be adapted to your physiognomy.

It goes without saying that we have to keep in mind the differences between a man’s and a woman’s body. Fitted workwear for women does not just mean wearing a small men’s size. It has to feel comfortable, as uncomfortable clothing won’t be worn correctly or won’t be worn at all. That’s why we started developing garments that are especially designed for women.

Dedicated products

The Kasie jacket and Lesha trousers are, for example, multinorm garments, especially designed for women, that protect against electrical flashovers. When you don’t need hi-vis clothing, the Oroya and Casma are also perfect choices. We want our female clients to have the same conveniences as our male customers, meaning that women can also zip in a perfectly fitting Jerica softshell in their Talia high visibility rain jackets thanks to our Interchangeable Lining System.

We will keep on working on new innovations to be able to protect women even better. Obviously, we innovate on a daily basis for all end-users, no matter what their gender is.

Our contribution

Sioen actively contributes to ‘achieving gender equality and to empower all women and girls’, as is stated in the fifth SDG. We fight all forms of discrimination against women and we ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership. Three of our Group CEOs are women and 60% of our employees are too. We are fully convinced that the person best fitted for a certain position should get the job, no matter their gender.