On the job training and unconventional trailing empowers Sioen employees

SDG 4 says: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. With our varied approach of both traditional training, training on the job and lunch and learn, we empower our employees.

We facilitate life-long learning

At Sioen, we firmly believe in lifelong learning. This is the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for both personal and professional reasons. We esteem that it is our role to empower people in this pursuit and to facilitate them. We do this through 1. On the job learning trajectories, 2. External training and courses 3. Availability of study material on a shared platform, 4. Lunch and Learn sessions. In this article, we’ll inform you about training on the job and Lunch and Learn breaks

In this article, we’ll highlight 2 of the 4 training facilities we offer to our employees: On the job training and Lunch & Learn.

On the job training

Compared to study-based learning, learning on the job offers more room to quickly and effectively respond to new developments or technological innovations.

The training takes place in the normal work situation of our employees and workers and does not consist of absorbing pre-baked PowerPoint presentations or attending trainings in conference rooms. The learning processes are embedded in work practice, always making use of equipment, documents, tools and materials that employees and workers deal with on a daily basis or will be dealing with in the near future.

At Sioen, the (onboarding) training format is quite intensive and practice-oriented. The main objective is to have people take big steps in their development within a short period of time.

Advantages of on-the-job training

Good training on the job emphasises doing rather than listening and watching. The result is that, especially when it comes to practical skills and knowledge, people quickly make the translation from theory to practice.

A second advantage of training on the job is the direct feedback. This enables the employee or worker to immediately try out and apply new skills and knowledge.

Moreover, people get the chance to immediately convert the new skills into success experiences. If participants immediately apply what they have learned and if they are rewarded with good experiences, they will also consistently apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills. It empowers them and gives them confidence.

In addition, there is little loss of productive working time, which is an operational and cost advantage of training on the job. As employees follow the training at their own workplace, they do not have to travel.

Lunch & Learn

Gaining knowledge about themes related to the job as well as about other themes is really important to develop our people’s abilities at all levels. That’s why we have chosen to introduce our Lunch & Learn breaks. During those meetings, colleagues and external speakers can inspire Sioen employees by exchanging experiences and knowledge.

Previous themes were, for example, Excel: tips and tricks, healthy nutrition, bicycle maintenance and ergonomics. Any employee who is interested in the theme of the Lunch & Learn can subscribe and take part.

The Lunch & Learn meetings take place during the lunch break. In 90 minutes, the participants learn more about the topic and a drink and lunch is provided by the company. We’re using an online platform for announcement, registration and evaluation, which makes organising efficient and pleasant for all parties involved.

Advantages of Lunch & Learn

Apart from the obvious advantage- people actually learning something- the attractive additional result is teambuilding. People from divisions that normally rarely engage, now are together in a less formal environment, building bridges between their departments. The informal setting and wide variety of topics often not even work-related, often given by a colleague, is the ideal breeding ground for human interaction and inter human appreciation.

We notice that our employees value this out-of-the-box approach to learning and engage in suggesting topics and finding speakers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sioen is a forward-thinking company that really values its people . Education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles for sustainable development. It’s one of the 17 elements in the UN SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals). SDG 4 states: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. The commitment of Sioen to succeeding in this ambition starts with its own personnel and is translated in on the job training and in Lunch & Learn . It extends to other initiatives that can be found on this website.