Compressed air leakage control in Sioen spinning part of Energy plan

Reducing the leakage of compressed air at our Sioen Spinning plant directly answers the appeal of the UN set in goals 7, 12 and 9.

Leakage improvement of compressed air at Sioen Spinning mill

In the process of producing high tenacity multifilament yarns, the use of compressed air is crucial. Sioen Spinning production plants are operating 24/7 in a continuous rotation. Complete stops are rare. There have been none in the last three years. We’ve carried out a leakage improvement plan, reducing the volume of leaks to 10-15%, resulting in a substantial reduction of energy consumption of the compressors.

Leakage improvement compressed air at Sioen Spinning

Most Sioen companies carry out leak detection during the annual summer shutdown. However, this is not applicable at Sioen Spinning because of the continuous rotation at all times. Nor are there any ultrasonic detection programmes that would allow the total volume of these leaks to be estimated.

In comparison with companies of the same type, total leakage can be estimated at 20-25% of total production. Reducing the volume of leaks to 10-15% seems realistic for Sioen Spinning. This corresponds to a 10% reduction in the electricity consumption of the compressors.


We’ve carried out a series of improvements:

  • Measuring the leakage rate in the Spinning plant during the production period with ultrasonic detectors. This is not only done to determine the total volume of losses but also to establish a leak inventory in order to establish a leak sealing programme (first the biggest leaks);
  • Priority was given to clogging that does not require shutdown;
  • Use expected savings to justify a shutdown to plug what can only be plugged during a shutdown. Then proceed with plugging by an extended (external) team.


With a relatively small investment, we’ve realised major savings.


Electricity 519 000 kWh energy savings
Emissons 260 642 kgCO₂ reduction
Investments 20 000 EUR