5 Ps approach

We look beyond the traditional bottom line to the profits that our company generates socially, environmentally and economically.

Our commitments

Based on the Triple Bottom Line (People, Prosperity, Planet), one of the main systems to assess corporate sustainability solutions, we’re reporting on 5 Ps (Partnership and Peace). Our company commits to focusing as much on social and environmental concerns as we do on profits. Measuring our business this way is one of the best markers of how sustainable our business is.


The impact we have on our most important stakeholders: employees, families, customers, suppliers, communities, and any other person affected by Sioen. This includes an inclusive HR policy, producing PPC and promoting healthy living.


The impact we have on our natural environment. This includes the use of natural resources, carbon footprint reduction, waste reduction, reforestation, extending the lifetime of our products and restoration of the natural harm done.


The impact we have on working together efficiently with companies, government authorities, research institutions, NGOs, professional federations and other organisations. Sharing knowledge, both internally and externally is part of our DNA.


The impact we have on the local, national and international economy. This includes creating employment, generating innovation, paying taxes, creating wealth, empowering local communities and any other economic impact.


The impact we have on ethical entrepreneurship: ‘to put an end to the exploitation of children’, ‘to fight corruption in a sustainable manner’ and ‘to develop effective, responsible and transparent institutions’, among others.