ESG reporting Pillars

With our ESG report we provide transparency to various stakeholders about the risks and opportunities our company faces related to environmental, social and governance issues. Within the context of overall sustainability, ESG is often viewed as the more tangible version of corporate social responsibility (CSR) — easier to quantify, measure, and manage.

ESG reporting pillars

At Sioen, we chose to switch from a mere CSR reporting (our former CSR manifesto) to a more formal ESG reporting. ESG, an abbreviation of Environmental, Social and Governance. A choice that is based both on our own desire to quantify, measure and manage better and on the future EU legislations that await us from 2024 onwards. It goes without saying that ESG disclosures are increasingly becoming expected and that ESG scores and rankings are used as a means of assessing a business. With a robust ESG report we want to evidence that we have a proactive ESG strategy, based on 5 reporting pillars.

Pillar 1: Environment

We want to measure and reduce the impact we have on our natural environment. This includes the use of natural resources, carbon footprint reduction, waste reduction, reforestation, extending the lifetime of our products, ...

Pillar 2: Human Capital

We want to measure and improve the impact we have on our employees, families, customers, suppliers, communities, and any other person influencing or being affected by Sioen.

Pillar 3: Social capital

The impact we have on working together efficiently with companies, government authorities, research institutions, NGOs, professional federations and other organisations. Sharing knowledge, both internally and externally is part of our DNA.

Pillar 4: Business and innovation

Over the years, our sustained innovation culture has become an essential part of our corporate DNA. It is how we distinguish ourselves from the competition and the reason we are present in a wide variety of markets with smart textile solutions.

Pillar 5: Leadership and governance

The common denominator of all thriving companies is leadership. Our CEO, Michele Sioen, “captain of industry » and co-owners Danielle and Pascale Sioen, lead the company to success.