Sioen follows the ISO/TR 30406 guidelines for developing and implementing sustainable employability policies

By following the ISO/ TR 30406 guidelines we contribute to realising SDG 8 full and productive employment and decent work for all, reduce inequalities (SDG 10) and partner up for the goals (SDG 17).

Sioen follows the guidelines of ISO/TR 30406

ISO/TR 30406 is a technical report and not a norm or standard for which one can obtain a “certificate”. ISO/TR 30406 provides guiding principles for developing and implementing sustainable employability policies. Sustainable employability is relevant on different levels: governmental, organisational and individual.

What is ISO/ TR 30406?

ISO/TR 30406 Human Resource Management - Sustainable employability management for organisations. This is a 'Technical Report' and not a standard for which one can obtain a 'certificate'.

It aims to form a bridge between HRM on the one hand and other business activities such as the Board of Directors, management, operations and occupational health and safety on the other hand.


Sioen is a group that holds 33 brands.

As a 'Shared Service' within Sioen Industries, HRM is a central service for all subsidiaries/brands. Sioen Industries' policy and HRM has for the second time been awarded the 'Factory of the Future' Award by Agoria. The involvement, creativity and autonomy of the employees are of prime importance in granting this award.

HRM at Sioen

One of the favourite quotes of our CEO, Michele Sioen, is: “People are our real capital.”
We have 7 cornerstones in our Human Resource Management:

  • Recruitment & selection
  • Performance management
  • Learning & development
  • Succession planning
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • HR data and analytics

Each of these cornerstones require suitable guidelines and actions you can find on this website and on our dedicated website.

HR and HRM standards and guidelines

There are plenty of standards for HRM. The standard can be applied in the selection and placement of personnel and in the planning and regulation of labour. In addition, it can be used to meet the challenges of the development of HRM systems and to create a system of certification of personnel and to assess the level of qualification of employees.

There are plenty of HR and HRM related ISO standards and guidelines to name a few:

  • ISO/NP 30409 - Human resource management - Workforce planning
  • ISO/CD 30405 - Human resource management - Guidelines on recruitment
  • ISO/AWI TS 30407 - Human resource management - Cost-per-Hire
  • ISO/CD 30408 - Human governance - Human dimension as a fundamental part of the overall corporate strategy – Guidelines
  • ISO/NP TR 30406 - Management by sustainable employability of staff
  • ISO/NP 30400 - Human resource management – Terminology

Although all the elements of sustainable HRM are taken into account, when it comes to ISO guidelines, we’ve chosen to first act upon ISO/TR 30406 - Management by sustainable employability of staff.

The approach aims to:

  • creating an effective HRM system based on objective indicators;
  • setting up a transparent list of necessary skills required;
  • objectively evaluating the qualification level of the people working at Sioen;
  • enabling training and personal and professional development of employees;
  • promoting lifelong learning;
  • reducing the cost for personnel selection and onboarding;
  • increasing the levels of personal motivation, engagement and commitment;
  • creating opportunities for promotion and leadership.