Smart lighting – part of Energy plan Mouscron production site

Replacing more than a 1000 fittings resulting in a reduction of annual electricity use of 600,000 kWh, directly answers the appeal of the UN set in goals 12 and 9.

LED fittings and daylight modulation

1.083 light fittings were replaced at the Sioen Spinning, twisting warping and weaving mills on our production site in Mouscron (Belgium). Here, Sioen produces high tenacity yarns (Spinning), that are often twisted and used at the Mouscron weaving plant. Each lamp is equipped with a sensor measuring the lux below it. The lamp is modulated according to the amount of daylight available. This results in a reduction of about 600,000 kWh per year, which lowers the impact on the environment of approximately 320,000 kgCO₂.

20 years Mouscron site

Most of Sioen's installations in Mouscron (Belgium) are around 20 years old. It goes without saying that there is therefore potential to replace the existing lighting system by installing new fittings and lamps.

One of the advantages of this track is that it is easy to determine the exact return time when new lamps and fittings are selected.


In the audit, we assumed that the majority of lighting installations could be replaced by standard industrial, open-frame fittings with embossed aluminium and T5 neon reflectors.
Daylight compensation/correction will be provided where possible. Together with daylight compensation, LED lighting option allow modulation of the lighting intensity and dispersion.

Weaving, warping, twisting

At the end of 2014 the 484 neon fittings at the weaving and the warping plant were replaced by LED fittings and where possible also provided with daylight modulation. Each lamp is equipped with a sensor measuring the lux below it. The lamp is modulated according to the amount of daylight available.
The same exercise was done at the twisting mill, where 156 pieces of 120 Watt fittings were replaced with 32 Watt led fittings.


Electricity 332 650 kWh
Emissions 166 802 kgCO₂
Investments 148 000 EUR

Spinning Mill

At the spinning mill, a monolith multi store block with very little daylight on the intermediate floors, all the lighting was changed to LED fixtures. 200 pieces of 120 Watt fixtures and 224 of 60 Watt fixtures were replaced with 443 LED fittings of 32 Watt.


These actions on sustainable and resilient infrastructure development help realise the targets that are set in SDG 9. Target 9.4. states that “by 2030, infrastructure should be upgraded and industries retrofitted to make them sustainable, with increased resource-use efficiency and greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes.” In addition, we help to ensure sustainable production patterns as set in goal 12 of the SDGs.