Making people's lives better

An overview of all the CSR-related things we do. They show how a concerted focus on CSR benefit both the company and the communities in which we operate. We believe deeply in this potential of shared value for all our stakeholders, whether they are employees, suppliers, clients, governments, shareholders, partners, local communities, or society as a whole.

Art in the office

By adding art to our offices and meeting rooms, we aim to improve the working environment.

Improving mobility

We produce technical textiles and professional protective clothing that contribute to improving infrastructure. They are used both in the production and in the products themselves in cars, trailers, roads, bicycles, trains, ...

Ctif Membership

Sioen is member of CTif, the International association of fire and rescue services. The goal is to have safer citizens through skilled firefighters.

Supporting Yuca

At Sioen, supporting youth is an integral part of the vision and mission of the company. Yuca, Youth for Change and Action encourages our youth to work together towards a sustainable and just society. Every year we employ some student volunteers.

ISO 26000:2010

ISO 26000:2010 serves as one of the guidelines in our social responsibility strategy, as attested in the NPR-9026-c1-2012.


The Sioen Pralines we give to our customers as a gift on special occasions, are made by Chocolaterie Deceuninck. The owner works in the weekend shift at the HQ plant. Supporting the local community wholeheartedly.

MOD Mark

MOD Mark and his compatriot succeeded in beating the Guinness World Record for the fastest dinghy sailing between Plymouth and Faslane. With our brand Mullion, we provided them with their sailing apparel.

Noordkaap Challenge

Sioen sponsors 2 participants of the “Noordkaap Challenge”, a road trip to the north of Europe where teams execute assignments to raise money for charity. It supports ‘Het Vergeten Kind’, an initiative that helps children in the Netherlands.

Gift packages for tombolas

Mostly on request by employees, we've been giving gift packages for tombolas of local sports clubs and associations for many years now. We've not systematically kept trace of these donations. We estimate there were about 300 in the last decade.

Maité Carlier

We're supporting the promising Belgian sailor Maité Carlier. She is active in the Laser Radial class, a singlehanded boat. She combines sailing with Communication Management studies at Arteveldehogeschool.

Breast cancer screening

We are screening our Indonesian female staff for breast and cervical cancer. We aim to create awareness by organising seminars in close collaboration with the Thamrin Hospital and with Pan Pacific Life Insurance.

Creating wealth

We create wealth, distribute it among various stakeholders, and we are an economic engine for our communities. We're a major employer, pay taxes and contribute through charity and volunteering actively to all local communities we're operating in.

Garments for Emergeny Services

By producing garments for emergency services, we directly contribute to building a safe, peaceful and resilient society. Protecting our protectors.

Geotextiles with Francesco Fontana

Interview with Francesco Fontana of Manifattura Fontana about geosynthetics and his role as president in the IGS.

Fabrics and garments for renewable energy

Sioen is producing technical textiles and protective clothing for biogas, seaweed and windmill activities.

Waterfront event

We contributed to the Waterfront event to commemorate the victims who lost their lives in the spring of 1918. The fabric of the boats and cutting them into DIY kits is a Sioen realisation. The boats had messages of peace on the sails.

Green sensibilisation in our company

A project is running at Sioen headquarters to make our people aware of the sustainability initiatives running in the offices and meeting rooms. From things such as light sensors to brewing our own sparkling water, this photo reportage makes it clear.

Modern slavery statement

We have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. This statement sets out the actions that we have taken.