Sioen focal Points

Your focus determines your reality

We’re changing all the time, from the way we use resources and manage waste, to the way we meet and travel. There’s a saying “your focus determines your reality”. That’s why we’ve chosen some challenges that get extra attention. We’re “doers”, and we’ve set a sense of urgency to deal with this selected set of sustainability topics.


Focus on energy by tracking and optimising our energy consumption, improving energy efficiency and implementing renewable sources of energy. The realisation and achievement of our goals in Energy Efficiency Management is enabled by the use of EMS.


Focus on waste management, starting with the prevention of waste and the monitoring of all flows using the 5 Rs methodology of waste management: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.

Sustainable products

Focus on developing and producing sustainable and even circular products, thus closing the loop. We’re consciously taking into consideration sustainability during all the product development, production and distribution stages.


Focus on audits, ISO and other certification with regard to sustainability, implementing guidelines, and being a member of all relevant associations and organisations that can help us grow further as a leading sustainable producer and manufacturer.

Human Resources

Sioen offers good working conditions to its diversified workforce. We also believe in lifelong learning, which starts with an on-the-job training and is complemented with internal and external training opportunities and Lunch & Learns.