Making people's lives better

An overview of all the CSR-related things we do. They show how a concerted focus on CSR benefit both the company and the communities in which we operate. We believe deeply in this potential of shared value for all our stakeholders, whether they are employees, suppliers, clients, governments, shareholders, partners, local communities, or society as a whole.

Sustainable bulk packaging

For bulk transport from our production centres, we use reusable packaging. That way, less copies have to be produced, less raw materials are needed and there is less waste. We are optimising bulk packaging in boxes and crates.

Solar panels

Our electricity consumption has fallen sharply in recent years thanks to installing solar panels at our production facilities. At our headquarters in Ardooie, 10% of the total annual electricity consumption comes from the solar panels on the roof.


Sioen's dirt-repellent and anti-graffiti lacquer can be applied on buildings and trailers.

AQAP 2110 certification

Sioen Ballistics OY holds the AQAP 2110 certificate for MOD and NATO contracts.

BETA Innovation Award

We won the BETA Innovation Award several times. This is not a coincidence. We have a concerted focus on knowledge, innovation and creativity. This strategic vision on R&D and innovation, results in products that find their way in demanding markets.

Apparel division climate-neutral

The apparel division deploys a CO₂ neutrality plan to sustainably reduce its CO₂ emissions and offset to climate neutrality.

Sustainable technical textiles aiming to reduce harm

Sustainable technical textiles aiming to reduce harm through the production process, extended lifespan and second- and end-of-life options.

Green Deal

Sioen signs the Green Deal as one of the first companies in Belgium.

Textiles for large scale sanitation

At the Sioen group, we produce all types of technical fabrics from wovens, scrims, geomembranes, films, sheets to coated textiles for large scale industrial sanitation. They protect against leakages of all types of spills.

Changing habits of travel

Sioen employees are changing their travelling, working and communications behaviour.

Restpaste reduction project

Thanks to increasing awareness, analysing data and visualising those data, we managed to reduce our amount of residual PVC to a minimum.

Blue Rhino

The “Blue Rhino concept” of SIP Protection is the first 100% circular safety trousers for chainsaw users on the market.

Ardooie Urban Run

We sponsor the annual Ardooie (town of our HQ) Urban Run for the charity event "Stand up against Cancer". That day, people are running through our plant.

Textiles for waste management

We produce coated textiles and geotextiles for all types of waste management to protect groundwater and surface water a.o. Our range consists of bottom liners, cover systems, side slope lining, liquid collection systems, cut-off wall systems.

Tap water systems

We have installed Aqualex machines, tap water systems at our HQ. Tap water isn’t only the healthiest drink, but it is also the most environmentally friendly, as bottled water or drinks in other small containers are 10.000 times worse.

Water bags

We manufacture technical textiles that can be used to manufacture dewatering bags. These bags can be used in flooding areas. The sludge runs into the bag or is pumped into it. The water flows out of the bag and the sludge remains in it.

ISO 9004

Sioen Apparel follows the ISO 9004:2018 guidelines for enhancing our ability to achieve sustained success.

Mouscron: Lighting

Smart lightning lowers the impact on the environment at our Sioen Spinning site.

Mouscron: Insulation

Insulation of cooling water and thermal oil pipes and installation of frequency converters as part of Energy plan Mouscron production site.

Mouscron: Exhausting hot air compressors

The compressor room of our Spinning mill includes a hot air evacuation system.

Mouscron: Cooling tower

We have installed an efficient pump system in the cooling towers for energy efficiency and we monitor it.